In a market where only the best of the best survive, companies must do everything possible to promote and sell their products and services. The best way to get their business noticed, and to maximize its potential is by informing people about the great things that they have to offer.


Great Valley Resources is offering you great savings on all our products. We have very creative graphic designers to personally assist you in getting the word out and to help get your business to that next level. You also get to save BIG on all our products.


Using modern technology, GVR has mastered the art of printing and graphic designing. Join the list of customers who have dealt with us and have been satisfied. Take advantage of our personalized service, by receiving one on one consultation with our graphic designers, so that you can get the best value for your money.


Understanding Your Company's Goal and knowing the right method of advertising.


Print ads are not only an excellent means of advertising your business, it’s also one of the cheaper ways  that you get to inform prospective clients of your products and services.


Good advertising leads to increased sales and increased productivity. When presenting yourself to the public, nothing beats the professional look and feel of your well designed promotional materials.


Every time you hand someone your Business Card or send out your Brochure, it should generate more business for your company. It should never be thrown aside because of the lack of appeal due to inferior design or material.


Cutting back on stationary and/or printing products, will no doubt prevent someone new from knowing that you exist.





  • Communicate clearly with your printer
  • Always get proof of what the final product should look like
  • Be clear on schedule and delivery dates
  • Discuss prices openly and honestly and make sure both parties agree on the final cost.
  • Ask questions. Make sure you get quality for your money
  • Choose a printer that will help to grow your
  • Work closely with your printer



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